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Mentoring changes lives. It’s just that plain and simple. One person’s small investment of time as a mentor has huge consequences for the young people in our community. Some mentoring programs involve recreational activities, like sports or outings, some are more like tutoring sessions and others are just “hanging out” with a young person for 30-60 minutes a week. Regardless of the form, mentoring has so many positive social benefits for the youth involved - improved self-esteem, better classroom behavior, reduced truancy, increased interest in school, and improved relationships with peers and parents to name just a few.

Working to make a sustainable difference in the lives of children and youth across Williamson County, United Way of Williamson County convened representatives from the area’s school districts in order to work together to create a promotional campaign focused on increasing the number of mentors in our schools and other mentor programs.

We hope you will become personally involved in supporting our youth and helping to strengthen our schools and community by becoming a mentor. Simply locate the school district or program in your area from the tabs above and begin the journey of helping a young person lead a healthy and productive life.

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